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Mechanical Engineering Intern

San Francisco

Job Summary

The SF Mechanical Engineering intern is primarily responsible for assisting on projects towards developing conceptual and detailed mechanical designs using a combination of CAD modeling, prototype fabrication and evaluation, testing and analysis. A secondary set of responsibilities include undertaking office initiatives or company-wide projects, and (when feasible) interns from SF and Madison offices collaborate to deliver an intern project at the end of their respective terms.

Department Vision

Members of the Mechanical Engineering Department work within project teams to represent their field in new product development efforts. Departmental staff must be capable of supporting and driving world class innovation and product development while providing unparalleled levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Reports To

Engineering Studio Lead – San Francisco

Primary Responsibilities

  • Serving as a resource for project teams, responsible for applying engineering principles, technical knowledge, experience and research to a product development effort.
  • Considering and championing a human centered design approach to product development efforts.
  • Evaluating design and use risks and hazards, using methods such as FMEA to appropriately evaluate these risks.
  • Supporting project teams and other Mechanical Engineering staff members in the creation and development of mechanical design solutions typically in the form of 3D CAD modeling.
  • Participating in brainstorms and conceptualization efforts to design solutions for system architecture development, mechanism alternatives, component part breakups, and manufacturing process options.
  • Providing system layout documentation / underlays to project teams that communicate and document constraints such as fixed component locations, packaging envelopes etc.
  • Building proof-of-principle models and other early evaluation methods to test conceptual approaches.
  • Learning best in class CAD modeling techniques to create comprehensive CAD databases
  • Developing QC or detail drawings which communicate design intent and critical to quality characteristics.
  • Supporting the fabrication and evaluation of verification prototypes as appropriate.
  • Asking for expectations from your project managers and working with minimal supervision.
  • Knowing when to ask for help.
  • Fostering open and frank communication with project team members
  • Delivering an excellent client experience.
  • Staying one step ahead of your project team and two steps ahead of your client.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Working with the SF Engineering Studio Lead and the SF Studio GM to further internal studio initiatives related to design and hospitality projects.
  • Assisting the SF Studio with organizational cleanup and ‘best practices’ in the shop space.
  • Teaming with the Madison Engineering Intern and staff members from both studios to promote cross studio collaboration.

Professional Development

  • Inform the design process by continually building a knowledge base and understanding of tools (including CAD and analysis software), trends, processes, and manufacturing considerations that can be applied to benefit clients of Design Concepts. Know more at the end of this year than you did last year.
  • Be curious, and continually self-assess deficiencies and seek opportunities for growth.
  • Aggressively seek to find billable work when work is available.
  • Be open, available, and willing to help
  • Strive to become a person that people seek out as a resource, due to both personality and skill set.
  • Participate in key sales visits and presentations to potential clients.


  • Graduate Degree (or in active pursuit therein) in Mechanical Engineering or related field
  • Preferred 2+ years industry experience (internships, employment between undergrad and graduate school etc)

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